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Physical Rehabilitation

If you wish, you can be introduced to Roberto Starnino's approach to rehabilitation as it relates to physical ailments and to muscular and postural imbalances. Together, we perform a complete evaluation of your posture and orthopaedic condition. This allows our therapists and trainers to identify any neurophysiological and musculoskeletal imbalances. Then, we develop a comprehensive health plan which, when combined with a customized training program, will allow you to increase your metabolism while addressing the root of your physical ailment.

Our training approach to restoring balance begins with a thorough working of the pelvic area by focusing on the proper functioning and balance of the abdominal wall, hip flexors, lower back and hip extensors.

By isolating certain movements aimed at strengthening and stabilizing the hips, spine and shoulders, we can improve intramuscular coordination by strengthening the extension and balance of muscles around target areas.

Finally, we use functional and dynamic movements to link the upper and lower body together to create intermuscular coordination. The long-term goal is to improve your quality of life and ability to practise your favourite sports.