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Are you a professional, manager or entrepreneur that is rushed for time but looking to improve his or her overall health? Are you looking for a personalized training regimen tailored to your fitness level and schedule? Do you wish you had a personal trainer all to yourself who will build on your strengths and who can, if you wish, oversee a rehabilitation plan in response to physical pain, an ailment or an accident?

We understand that you are a unique person, with your own schedule and daily concerns. This is why we offer an overall health and training approach that not only matches your fitness level and lifestyle, but will also restore the energy and well-being you seek in no time.

Our personal trainers draw on their expertise to provide you with continuous and personalized support, assessing your motivation level and ensuring that you get the most from your training based on your abilities. Your trainer will take the time to know you in order to understand your fitness needs.

Located in the heart of Old Montreal, our training studio cultivates an approach to physical fitness that sets it apart from other gyms and private sports clubs because our trainers believe every person deserves an exercise program tailored to his or her needs.